Moovex saves you time, money and frustration by economizing your organization’s transportation logistics. Whether it’s organizing shuttles, taxis, employee transit, or even school transport for children with special needs, organizations large and small use Moovex’s online location monitoring and advanced reporting to successfully optimize routes, stops, vehicle sizes and more.

Efficiency and Savings

Take control of your expenses!

Notices alerting you to inefficient routes and trips, recommendations for improvement and streamlining on a regular basis, thorough control reports that will allow you to increase efficiency and save time and money to the extent of 20% of your transportation costs

Moovex won't allow you not to save money. Period.


Automatic Assignment

Enter your employees' names and shift schedules into the system, and it will do all the work for you: It will suggest the optimal transport routes, assign the employees to the shortest and most suitable routes, contact the most appropriate and least expensive transportation provider, choose the appropriate vehicle size, and provide a price quote for the transport.

In addition, you will be able to track the transport online, and access many follow-up and efficiency reports, special alerts, and more.


Smart Route

Welcome to the world of easy, simple, and smart management of transportation and travel.  The Moovex app will offer you the shortest travel routes at the lowest cost, perfectly suited to your needs.

Moovex Customers

Moovex is for organizations of all sizes
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What Moovex does best

The advantages of Moovex – why we're the best solution in the field

Behind the Moovex app stands the most advanced and extensive platform available for managing transports in all organizations, large and small.  Moovex facilitates comprehensive management of the whole area of transportation in the organization, from assigning employees to shifts, through planning the most efficient travel routes for the organization.  By means of the targeted app and a simple and accessible internet interface, Moovex will do all the work for you. Start getting used to it.

It's all computerized

All actions are carried out quickly at the push of a button

A powerful engine: Moovex chooses the most suitable transport provider and prices the order, choosing the proper-sized vehicle and the most suitable drivers for each transport.

Full control: Moovex allows full supervision of the passengers who board the transport, the routes, and the stops.  

Advanced technology: Moovex carries out optimization of the routes online, and the best route for each trip is presented to you on the map.

An extensive constraints system: Moovex assigns employees to the appropriate transports according to the pre-defined requirements, with full transparency and control, and pending your approval.

Travel permits and notifications: Moovex automatically produces vouchers, and sends SMS and email notices on any subject you choose and to whomever you wish.

Reports and implementation recommendations: Moovex provides many reports and statistical analyses according to your needs, using many different graphs and formats.

Management transparency: Each trip is automatically sent to the transport company for approval, and everything is planned, approved, and monitored in advance.

End of Month: All travel is recorded and monitored, and all accounts are settled with the transport provider and the organization's departments at the push of a button.

Innovative Solutions

We're at the forefront of technology and innovation, upgrading all the time

Sharing solutions: The system updates and learns all the time, and every solution we develop to meet the needs of one of our clients is available as a service to all our clients.

We speak everyone's language: Moovex communicates with the programs and interfaces of different systems, and knows how to integrate all of the information for you.

 CAR POOL: Want to get more efficient? Moovex lets you organize shared rides for employees on the map according to time and location.

Daily locking and checking: Moovex allows you to lock travel requests on a daily or hourly basis, preventing unnecessary trips

Route optimization: Moovex carries out optimization of routes, presents them on an interactive map, and produces many different types of reports, according to your needs, allowing you to make managerial decisions based on clear data

Define your preferences in the system: What's the maximum time for a transport? What's the most efficient route? Active route changes?

Every need you have will be answered with a quick, high quality, innovative technological solution.

quick calculation

How much will you save? What do you save on? It's simple!

Experience proves:The transportation clause is one of the largest, least well-managed expenses in most organizations.

Proven savings:The company's clients have saved tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars a year thanks to the improved efficiency facilitated by Moovex

Optimal occupation of vehicles:From now on, the size of the vehicles you reserve for your transports will suit your needs precisely – no more and no less!

Route efficiency:Automatic optimization of routes, that enables you to choose the most efficient and thrifty route, and to save

Routine work:The amount of time you spend on the subject on a daily basis is drastically reduced.

Monthly summary:The monthly costs are determined by the system, and not by the transportation companies, so there's no need to check invoices at the end of the month.  

Every trip is registered and documented in the system. Not registered? No payment!

Happy Clients

Our customers are smiling

Israel Aerospace Industries - success working with Moovex made the IAI take the decision to expand employees transportation project to more sites

IAI transportation project manager

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