Data-driven fleet management platform

Many moving parts. Orchestrated.

We’ve combined seamless fleet management software with the world’s smartest routing algorithm, to scale your business to the next level.

Simple & Powerful

Data-Driven Fleet. Literally.

To move forward and evolve,
you must connect all your dots - your people, your vehicles, and your data. You need to be efficient and optimize your entire ecosystem. You want to provide the best customer experience and service.
Moovex transforms data into actionable insights that drive smarter decisions.

make the move
Elastic platform
Fit for any fleet

Airport Shuttles

Seamless ProActive Fleet Orchestration and Rideshare Technology - designed to handle some of the most extreme urban and traffic environments on the planet


Shared rides are the new way to get around - introduce your business to the new generation of mobility.

Delivery & Logistics

Your fleet is now multi-purpose. Drive revenue and growth by introducing your fleet to new business verticals.

First & Last Mile

Door-to-door is the new cool. Offer an end-to-end journey for your customers by seamlessly integrating any type of private or shared solution.

Built to work in harmony

Analyze. Orchestrate. Optimize.
In One Place.

Fleet intelligence
Unlock the value of data

Moovex Artificial
Fleet Intelligence. 

Moovex technology is harnessing the power of machine-learning and data to deliver the next generation of transportation.

Moovex Proactive Management Dashboard

360 Real-Time visibility & control

Ridesharing optimization
Route optimization
Dynamic dispatching
Driver management
API connectivity

28 Million


2.7 Million


$32 Million

in Cost Savings
and counting..
Our Mission

About Moovex

The team at Moovex is united in our vision for mobility of the future. We believe that we can harness technology to accelerate the evolution of autonomous and electric vehicles.
Our goal: a safer, greener and more sustainable planet.

We aim to usher in the next frontier of Artificially Intelligent Fleet Management by pairing machine learning with powerful optimization technology.  

And our team of professionals with years of experience in big data, consumer products, and the transportation and mobility industries have all the tools we need to make it happen.

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